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Practice Philosophy

Dr. Romano has a fee-for-service practice. That is, he does not participate with any third-party payer, but rather deals solely with the patient or his representative. The reason for this is fairly simple. Dr. Romano believes that the doctor/patient relationship is extremely important and there should be no interference in that relationship by insurance companies, governmental agencies, etc.

Not being under pressure or being influenced by third parties allows Dr. Romano to practice medicine the way he was trained for the good and welfare of his patients. There is no divided loyalty. The doctor/patient relationship is simply between Dr. Romano and the individual patient. No interference, influence, meddling or worse is tolerated. Dr. Romano realizes that not every patient can avail himself of Dr. Romano's services under these conditions; however, that is the only way he feels he can ethically practice medicine, namely with the patient's interest and well-being at heart.

Dr. Romano will work with patients and attorneys, accepting letters of protection from them for treatment. Dr. Romano also reviews medical records and related materials for attorneys and bills at an hourly rate. In addition, Dr. Romano will make himself available to appear at trial or at deposition in medical/legal matters and charges at an hourly rate. Duplication of medical records or related materials are done quickly and payment is expected in accordance with Ohio State Law.

These policies are meant to insure that the highest quality of care is afforded patients and/or their representatives as well as insuring that each patient is treated as an individual and given enough time and consideration so that an accurate diagnosis is made and a work-up for treatment to be implemented.

Of course, strict confidentiality is maintained at all times. No patient information ever leaves Dr. Romano's office without a properly executed signed authorization signifying that the patient wishes the information to be seen by another party. Our office policy is such that it maximizes the quality of patient care in an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust.


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