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Welcome from Dr. Thomas J. Romano

My practice is dedicated to the serious pursuit of excellence with regards to the diagnosis and treatment of chronic painful musculoskeletal disorders and related problems. If you have such a painful condition, know someone with such a problem or simply want more information, please feel free to navigate the site.

Most common problems should be handled by a general doctor but those which require more thought and analysis should be referred to a chronic pain specialist such as myself. Chronic pain affects a large proportion of our population but there are very good treatments available for most patients. Furthermore, each day, there is more and more research being done so the future surely holds even more promise. There is no reason for a patient to suffer needlessly.

In addition to treating patients, I do clinical research and have published in numerous textbooks and peer-reviewed medical journals. Furthermore, I work with attorneys to advise them regarding such medical/legal matters as personal injury, medical malpractice, standard of care, and have given opinions regarding these matters in state and federal court.

I also served on the Board of Directors of the American Academy of Pain Management for fifteen years and was particularly active in that organization, being the chairman of the examination committee and the credentialing committee while also serving as a member on other committees. Paramount, however, is my dedication to the treatment of patients with chronic, painful conditions, helping to ease their suffering and to improve their quality of life.

Because I have always believed in the concept of a private solo practice, when a patient comes to my office, I am the physician they see, not nurse practitioners nor other physicians who many not have my training and experience. I fully understand that patients want to see the physician whom they have researched and put their hopes into. Furthermore, I make it a point to take a complete history, listen to the patient, have a discussion with the patient about his or her medical problems and to spend as much time with my patients as is necessary to determine their unique set of problems and circumstances in order to establish a tailor-made treatment plan.

I also welcome the patient to bring a spouse, partner, parent or adult child with them as I find that often a person close to the patient can supply important clues such as quality of sleep.

Over my 30 years as a private solo practitioner I have seen literally thousands of patients in my practice and I always strive to use the latest information and appropriate diagnostic treatments in the field, as well as the intuition and common sense of a diagnostician. I firmly believe that no two patients are alike and there is no one formula that fits all. I feel that it is necessary to treat every patient as the unique individual that she and he is.


Dr. Romano is board certified in internal medicine and rheumatology, a Fellow of the American College of Rheumatology (FACR), a Fellow of the American College of Physicians (FACP) and a diplomate of the American Academy of Pain Management.

In his pain clinic Dr. Romano is involved in patient care, clinical research, and medical/legal evaluations. He is a hands-on physician who is concerned with the well-being of the entire patient. Dr. Romano provides numerous modalities to obtain effective pain relief including trigger point injections, joint injections, the search for perpetuating factors, appropriate referrals and judicious use of laboratory testing.


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